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The Industrial Software Unit specializes on the study, development and implementation of systems and software in industrial enterprises or other organizations both in the private and public sector. The research efforts cover all the aspects of Supply Chain Management of businesses and organizations. The Unit is focused in the areas of information systems supporting not only production processes, from shop floor control to aggregate production planning, but also inter- and intra- business processes. In particular the areas the ILU is concentrated are:

  • Development and implementation of application and systems for Production Planning and Control
  • Development of customized software for middle size enterprises
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Content Management Systems for developing enterprise web pages, web portals and internet applications
  • Business Process Reengineering studies aiming to optimized compatibility between the enterprise and the demands during the installation of Information Systems
  • Request for Proposals (RFPs) for software and / or implementer selection
  • Management of information systems installation projects in enterprise environments
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Tools, methodologies and techniques applied in integration of Entreprise Applications and heterogeneous systems, according to commonly accepted standards.
  • Incorporation of  advanced operational research algorithms in decision support systems (DSS) in order to achieve detailed production planning and material resource planning (MRP).
  • Maintenance Process Reengineering in factories using information systems
  • Development of business reference models (BRM) in order to apply them as business blueprints on the introduction of information systems in different enterprises

The Industrial Software Unit accepts a significant amount of students willing to carry out their diploma theses in the fields mentioned above. Students have also the opportunity to continue their projects in the doctorate level. The courses supported by the Unit are: “Production Planning and Control I”, “Production Management Information Systems”, “Production Planning and Control II” at an undergraduate level and “Enterprise Resource Planning Systems” at a postgraduate level.


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