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The laboratory’s activities cover a wide area of interests and include supporting education Industrial Engineering courses provided by the School of Mechanical Engineering of NTUA. The areas of interest of the Industrial Engineering Laboratory include: production planning and control systems, enterprise resource planning systems, decision support systems, supply chain management using informatics technology, algorithmic design for supply chain problems, inventory control, business process reengineering and benchmarking, risk management, strategic enterprise decision support, business modeling and reference models development for heterogeneous enterprises, knowledge management, data mining, energy management, investment evaluation, occupational health and safety, ergonomic design and occupational method design.

The staff of the laboratory (regular and postgraduate students) develop significant research activity in cooperation with research centers both greek and foreign and greek industrial enterprises and public organizations. The laboratory develops non funded, basic applied research and applied research funded by cooperating enterprises or research projects in Greece or the European Union.

Research Units

In order to efficiently carry out both its educational and research activities the laboratory is organized into four research units: the Industrial Software Unit, the Energy Logistics Unit, the Logistics and Transport Unit and the Ergonomics Unit.

Detailed information about each research unit can be found in the following links

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