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The Metrotechnics Laboratory is an organizational unit of NTUA since 1962 when it was founded. Originally installed in buildings of NTUA at Pitission street  and in 1997 relocated to the Campus of National University of Athens . The Metrotechnics Laboratory is for years the link between academic teaching and practical application of what is taught in classes of their course of Industrial Engineering Faculty of the school Mechanical Engineering of NTUA . Meanwhile, the Metrotechnics Laboratory operated since its inception in conducting a research project and services to businesses and organizations in the private and public sectors .

Support the educational process

The Metrotechnics Laboratory directly supports the course " Production and Operations Management I '. This course is required in the fifth semester course of the Industrial Engineering school and includes laboratory exercises . Also supports the course " Production Organization and Management II Equipment and laboratory space are also used for preparing dissertations final year students , and the needs of graduate students for doctoral studies in the subject metrotechnics


Research work and services

The Metrotechniko Laboratory  has extensive experience in the area of precision measurement and large research project . The laboratory is accredited according to ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 to provide testing services to industry .


The members of the lab have great experience in non - destructive testing and provide quality services:

· research projects requiring high-precision measurements of characteristics .

· To operators to perform precise measurements and the creation of laboratories measuring and control of their structures .

· In government organizations and private companies to perform precision measurements , and provide recommendations and advice on relevant issues in order to enable the measurement and improvement of quality of machining and other structures .

Specifically, Metrotechnics Laboratory provides the following measurements:

Measurements external dimensions 0 ÷ 600 mm, measurements of internal dimensions 0,5 ÷ 450 mm, measurements of internal and external threads in accordance with ISO 286, Measurements axis controllers , controllers knuckle Measurements , Measurements controllers threading accordance with ANSI / ASME B1.2, BS 84, BS 919, DIN 13, ISO 228-1, DIN 40431.

At the same time , the research staff of the Metrotechnics Laboratory active in research projects or service areas :

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